Strategies for Professional Success & Personal Happiness
Coaching: Helping your Employees Be Successful
Decompress Your Stress

Seven Strategies for Professional Success and Personal Happiness

During this empowering, informative and inspirational presentation, Dr. Arleque will teach participants how to create a life that is filled with joy and success. A master presenter and teacher, Lillian utilizes humor, metaphors, anecdotes music and low risk interaction to engage her audiences and provide a memorable experience. Participants will leave armed with simple but life changing strategies, feeling grateful for their lives and optimistic about their futures.

Seven Steps for Professional Success and Personal Happiness

• Focus on the positive aspects of people and events: Events happen to us every day. You have a choice to react or reflect as a response and your choice will determine the outcome for you and the other people in your life.
• Take responsibility for you life: People who don’t take responsibility for their lives blame other people and situations for their life experiences - they play the role of victim and take a position of powerlessness. Your power lies in your willingness to accept responsibility and then to learn from your experience.
• Take healthy risks: If you want to expand the quality of your life, you have to be willing to "stretch". Be willing to meet new people, try new things and go new places - an attitude of adventure fills the spirit.
• Ask for what you want: Asking for what you want demonstrates to you and to the world that you are worthy and deserve good things in your life.
• Take care of your body and feed your brain: Research indicates that our brains need oxygen and water as well as daily challenges. Exercise builds bone and enables us to keep our memory "fit".
• Set intentions for what you want: What you intend is what will be! Intentions are like goals just broader and more general.
• Express gratitude foe everything and everyone in your life: Everyone wants to be appreciated and understood. This is a key strategy in building both personal and professional relationships.

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Coaching: Helping your Employees Be Successful

This program is designed for company leaders who want to add coaching to their repertoire of leadership strategies. It is based on the philosophy that the role of leaders is to facilitate the success of their subordinates. This ninety-minute presentation is informative as well as affirming, enlightening and inspiring. The focus is on helping participants to understand what the motivation I behind people’s behavior and why coaching is the mot effective strategy to utilize in ascertaining success for both the individual and the organization.
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Decompress Your Stress: Strategies to Create Harmony, Balance and a Sense of Well Being in Your Life

Stress can be toxic. It can depress your immune system and create physical and emotional chaos in your life. Dr. Arleque’s presentation on stress is "cutting edge," yet she makes it simple to understand by using practical examples, anecdotes, metaphors, humor and music. She will mesmerize you as well as entertain you and she promises that this program is unlike any stress management program that you may have attended in the past. Dr. Arleque "stresses" that you should be prepared to have fun, gain new knowledge and insights, and leave with strategies that not only help you reduce your stress but will also help to enhance the quality of your daily life. This is a "life changing" presentation.
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